Abacus Maths Education in Glasgow

Please contact for first free ABACUS Maths class - 0141 2373350

Abacus Maths Education in the Glasgow area run by British Youth IT College. We use the Abacus tool and concept at our Super Maths Academy, to help children learn the technique.

Abacus is a tool that was found 2000 years ago, solving arithmetic equations. This tool has been developed into a modern, digital piece of software that helps children effectively master maths, perform mental abacus calculations and is incredibly easy to work with.

For children, the use of abacus calculations and the technique used is one of the best and quickest methods to help kids learn mathematics. We believe that maths is one of the core skills to have in life and can lead to careers in science, engineering, computer design and medicine.

We at Super Maths Academy, have a fun, entertaining and educational program to guide children to open their minds and give huge benefits to brain development. We provide high-quality learning and tutorials to help children aged 6 to 14 years explore and enhance their mathematical intelligence.